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A journey of remembering and awakening... 

About Section

The Sacred Space Within

Within each of us resides a divine wisdom; an innate knowing of who we are at soul level. So often we look outside ourselves for knowledge of who we really are, yet the answers and wisdom we truly seek resides within.  Through creating space for yourself, you’ll have an opportunity to press pause, sit, acknowledge, and listen to the guidance and nudges that your soul is calling you to toward. This is a safe space to support you as you continue to remember and awaken to the beautiful essence of you. I invite you to step into soul time and into The Sacred Space Within.  


      Meet Mallory

I’m a licensed clinical mental health counselor offering Holistic Therapy, Intuitive Soul Coaching, Group Work and Akashic Records Reading!  I have a special interest in the mind body connection and fully believe that we’re all connected. Unlike traditional models, The Sacred Space Within offers an integrative approach to healing, offering a range of holistic services to foster growth and healing with an emphasis on listening and connecting with your own inner voice.   I'm so excited to support you on your spiritual path!  


What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic records are a way to access and receive information and guidance from your own Soul's wisdom.  Imagine there is a big, beautiful library in a place called Akasha, and in that library we each have a book of our own Soul's journey. In a reading, we “check out” your book and you get to ask your Soul questions to help with your own healing and understanding different parts of your life.

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