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"Owning my power inspires others to do the same.  I am not afraid to shine." - Gabby Bernstein

What is the difference between therapy and coaching?

As your coach, my approach will be more focused on helping you connect with your inner self and access your soul's purpose and potential. We will work together to help you tap into your inner wisdom and guidance, using spiritual concepts such as the sacred journey, inner knowing, and accessing the Sacred Space Within.

As a therapist, my approach will incorporate spiritual concepts in our work, while also helping you identify and address mental health issues that may be impacting your life. We will work together to explore your inner self and uncover any underlying patterns that may be causing distress, helping you heal past wounds and develop new coping skills.

While both approaches may overlap coaching places a stronger emphasis on helping you access your inner wisdom and guidance to discover and align with your life purpose. Therapy places a stronger emphasis on helping you address mental health concerns and develop new strategies for coping with life's challenges while also incorporating spirituality and your own inner belief system.

Whether we work together as a therapist or coach, my goal is to help you create a more fulfilling and meaningful life by accessing your innate potential and inner wisdom.


How can an Akashic reading support therapy or coaching?

An Akashic Records reading can be a powerful complement to the work we do together in therapy and coaching. Through the Records, we can gain deeper insights into your past experiences, karmic patterns, strengths, and potential, helping us tailor our approach to meet your unique needs and goals.

Connecting with the Records can provide us with guidance, insight, and support that helps us tap more fully into your soul that is having this human experience. This guidance can help us gain a broader perspective and deeper understanding of mental health challenges and personal or professional goals.

The Records can also help release energetic blockages, patterns, and beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your goals and experiencing greater well-being. By accessing this higher level of consciousness, we can work together to develop new habits and beliefs that align with your vision and purpose, and support your personal and professional growth.

I deeply believe that incorporating the spiritual guidance provided by the Akashic Records can support us in achieving even greater success in our work together, helping you to connect more deeply with your inner wisdom and cultivate greater peace, purpose, fulfillment and direction in your life.

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