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Akashic Record Readings

"My soul is my guide. - Rumi"


What are they?

The Akashic records are a way to access and receive information and guidance from your own Soul's wisdom.  Imagine there is a big, beautiful library in a place called Akasha, and in that library we each have a book of our own Soul's journey. In a reading, we “check out” your book and you get to ask your Soul questions to help with your own healing and understanding different parts of your life.


What can I expect from a reading?

The records will never share anything that’s harmful, only helpful. The reading can give clarifying information about future things. It can also help to reveal lessons that you need to learn from your past lives and for you to move forward in this lifetime.


Do I need a list of questions?

I recommend coming up with 5-10 questions before the reading.  We will have an hour for the reading which includes the opening and closing prayer, as well as time at the end to process the information revealed.  This gives us a nice chunk of time in the middle to dive deep into all the wisdom your Records are waiting to share!

What questions can I ask?

Phrase your questions as open ended questions as opposed to questions that can be answered with a yes or no.  During the reading, it will also be helpful to provide additional information about your question.  Allow your intuition to guide you.  Some readings we may be able to answer all of your questions, other readings may only answer 1 or 2. Trust that the answers revealed are the guidance that your soul is needing at that time.

I don’t even know where to begin to describe how wonderful I felt our session was! Your reading helped me make sense of a reading I had a few years ago. I never felt like that reading was quite accurate but I couldn’t say why. Your reading felt right.  I could go on and on! I feel every moment of my reading was an A-HA moment, from the very beginning, to the very end. 

Akashic Record Reading Client

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