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Intuitive Soul Coaching

"I am worthy of an amazing life."


I am so happy to join you on your sacred path.  So much of this human experience has a way of veering us off our path.  It can feel so easy to compare ourselves to others, or get caught in the fear stories around us and taught to us; to forget the inherent beauty and incredibleness that is the essence of our beautiful souls and instead become wrapped up in the chaos or drama that lies outside of ourselves.    Our 1:1 Soul Coaching container is a sacred space for remembrance.  It is a way for us to remember that we are souls having a human experience.   We will hold space and curiosity for what is rising in you and give it opportunity to grow.  To not see life as out to get you but as an invitation to reconnect, to dive deeper, and to grow brighter.  We will honor the old patterns and themes, difficulties and stuck points and see the opportunities there for growth as well.  

Step into soul time and step into the sacred space that lies within you.


I’ll also offer my clairvoyance and intuitive guidance to support you on your journey.  This can often come in the form of channeled messaging as well as card readings, Akashic guidance and moments of mediumship.  We will explore what lights you up and create opportunity to invite more of what you’re wanting into your life.  We will talk about boundaries and reclaiming your power, energetic protection and releasing held energy that isn’t yours.  We’ll meet the fear and invite it to join in as you continue to move forward. We’ll check in with the parts of you that feel stuck, afraid, unseen, or small and we’ll hold space for them as well.  Clients leave our coaching sessions often feeling lighter, clearer, and with tangible next steps to take toward the lives that they’re actively creating.  I’m so excited to support you as you continue to courageously take steps on your path.  You’re not alone and it’s my honor to walk alongside you.

*Coaching is available to clients in the US as well as across the globe.  If you’re seeking therapy instead of coaching, I currently offer therapy for clients located in Massachusetts only. 

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