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The Sacred Space Within

A journey of remembering and awakening... 

The Sacred Space Within is a healing space to support you on your sacred journey.

So often we look outside of ourselves for knowledge of who we are, yet the answers and wisdom we truly seek resides within each of us and always has. While learning is vital to our soul’s growth, remembering and tapping into the essence of who we are at soul level is key.  


Within each of us resides a beautiful wisdom.  It’s like our very own epicenter of guidance and knowledge.  The day to day or 3D life can often make it tough at times to tap into that guidance and many of can find themselves feeling lost or stuck, experiencing self-doubt, anxiety, depression, or anger.  Day to day moments with those around us, can pull us away from ourselves. We can even find ourselves taking on or embodying someone else’s negative energy.

Within each of us resides a divine wisdom; an innate knowing of who we are at soul level.

Through therapy, coaching, group work, and Akashic Record readings, you will receive the support you are so deserving of. 


Unlike traditional models, The Sacred Space Within offers an integrative approach to healing, offering a range of holistic services to foster growth and healing with an emphasis on listening to and connecting with your own inner voice and guidance system. 


What is your soul desiring? What lights you up? What do you lean toward? If there were no obstacles, what would you really choose? 


It’s all possible and I’m here with you in this space together.  I invite you to step into soul time and into The Sacred Space Within.  


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