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"I don't need to become anyone. I'm becoming more of who I really am. - Gabby Bernstein"


Rise Sister Rise

This weekly group offers powerful support to one another to live a soul led life.  In this group we will embrace and explore our spirituality, our “too much”ness, reclaim that which makes others uncomfortable and reclaim our power.  We will invite in and strengthen our voices, listen to our intuitive nudges and share them within the safety of the group.  We will support one another in taking steps toward the lives that we’re actively working to create and celebrate the divine feminine within each of us. 

The Spiritual Path

This weekly group invites you to join together with other aligned souls in support of your spiritual path and journey.  This is a safe space to come as you are and to explore all parts of what it means to be on this spiritual path.  In this group you will have space to connect with others and experience a sense of safety, community and connection. This group intention is not to teach you more and reinforce a sense of lack, but instead reinforce your own inner wisdom and hold space for all that you already intuitively know.


The Enlightened Empath

This weekly group invites you to join with other individuals who identify as an empath.  This group serves to offer some psychoeducation around this term and the way it connects with our daily lives as well as a safe way to explore challenges.  Topics such as energy protection, energy clearing, energy vampires and reclaiming your power will all be discussed. 

Aligned and Unstoppable

This 8 week accountability group is offered to you with like-minded souls all showing up with the same intention of wanting to shift something in their lives.  Is there a change you’ve been hoping to make, a shift in behavior, a boundary you’d like to set, something you’re hoping to release or create more of?  This can be connected to a job, a passion, a mindset. We’ll show up to support one another in this weekly container to encourage and support each other with these powerful life intentions.  


Spirituality 101

There is no prerequisite for being spiritual!  Perhaps you've felt nudged to get curious about the idea of spirituality but it goes against how you were raised with traditional religion.  Or perhaps you were raised without a belief system and this idea of The Universe feels strange but enticing.  Perhaps you've always felt connected to "something" but you've experienced judgement or shame in the past for expressing these feeling and have been longing for a community to share in this curiosity.  Whatever it is that brings you here, know that this is a safe space to explore for yourself along with other heart centered souls what spirituality is all about in a way that feels authentic and real for you. Curiosity and topics of interest are all welcome as we learn and explore together!

Curious to learn more?

Scroll through the PDF here to learn more about current group offerings and FAQs

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